Friday, September 5, 2008

50 Things at 50

Today is my very last day as a 50 year old. The year has gone by so fast. During my first month of being 50 I made a list of the THINGS that I love. Once I reach my one year blog anniversary I am going to have it printed into a book at blurb. I wanted to get this list into the book, it will make for great history, maybe not so great, but my history. Although, I'm not sure who would care, maybe my daughter. Unless you want to be bored, disregard the following list and go directly to the bottom of the page.

Anniversary Diamond Ring 25 years
Annual Christmas shopping & eating trip to Syracuse
Being the driver
Calling Mom everyday
Canon Digital Rebel XT
Charm bracelet of 38 years
College Hockey
Cupcakes (making & eating)
Diamond Earrings 40th birthday gift
Book Club (some months)
First Thursday of the month breakfast at McCarthy’s
Fish dinners at Wa-Noa
G’zOne cell phone
Garden flags
Garman GPS (Agent 99)
G mail
Home & Garden TV
Julienne salad from Casablanca
Keeping track of states I’ve been in (29)
Longchamp bag
Magazine subscriptions
Making wreaths for the front door
Maybelline Black Mascara
Mazda 6 metallic light green station wagon
My job
NY Giants football
Old baskets
Old crocks
Online Banking
Perennial flower garden
Portrait photography
Sheets dried on the clothes line
Sleeping with two pillows
Sonic Care Toothbrush
Spring break on the ocean
SU basketball
SU season football tickets
Sweater wearing
Tetley orange pekoe round bags tea
Thanksgiving Day
The Learning Channel
Three mile walking route
To-Do Lists
Washing clothes (in my new front loader)

One of the benefits of having a blog is you get to decide the size of the pictures.

This birthday will be spent at the SU game, a game the predictors say they will win. We will also eat breakfast in Sackett's Harbor, go to the Carousel Mall, farmers market and finally Joey's for dinner. Hopefully at dinner we will toast a victory along with Terri's & my birthday. Terri will be celebrating her birthday on Sunday!!!


lilpoppy said...

Happy Birthday and Go SU !!!!

ke said...
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ke said...
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ke said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Can't believe I didn't make the top 50 and washing clothes did!!

Mau said...

Ke - it is a list of THINGS, but hey, even if it did include people, come on! Sisters-in-law wouldn't even make the top 100!

I am off to work on my top 45, so I'll have it ready in time!

Happy 51st, Jell-O! We love you even if we wouldn't make the list....

The Mad Tern said...

I made the list! I'm one of those "old crocks."

Maggie O. said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

angel said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
today is your Birthday
Happy Birthday to you!

Kristy Girl said...

Happy Birthday!! Sorry I couldn't wish you a happy birthday sooner, I was stuck in the woods with Eric hehe