Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chocolate Agony

Did you ever think you would see me write about Chocolate & Agony together? Our living room renovation gave me weeks of agony. I could NOT decide on a color for the walls. I wanted brown as in chocolate, but couldn’t find the shade I liked, didn’t know if I would even like brown walls, wondered if our style of home was right for brown walls, just to name a FEW of my worries. I had Dayle come over, she has similar tastes as mine, and got her opinion, and I never ask opinions when it comes to my home decorating. Mick told me he would repaint over the brown if I didn’t like it, he just wanted the project done! So, I finally choose a color and he painted. It was late last night when he got the first coat on & I loved it. When I woke up this morning & saw it in the daylight, I still loved it.

Mick thinks it looks like the color of a B-17. I think it looks like the inside of a chocolate truffle.

I always liked how the fireplace came out but the color of the walls really show off the brick. Surprising, the wall color gives the room a very calming feel. This would be a great color for a bedroom. Next is the painting of the built-in, installing new outlets & dimmers and the room is complete. Well, I may have to do some shopping to complete the decorating. Although, Mick is convinced there is what ever I need being stored in the basement.


lilpoppy said...

Love It!!!!

lilpoppy said...

Oh, by the way, what is the next project in the empty nest??

GEL-Oh said...

Dining Room.
Stripping wallpaper then painting the walls.
Ripping out the built-in.
Should be a quick project, Ha Ha.

Leigh Leigh said...

Very nice! I can't wait to see the entire room. I am looking forward to the day when I can put paint on the walls. I am pretty sick of beige walls, beige carpet, white ceilings and no crown molding. :)

Mau said...

It's not exactly a B-17 color, but it's no where near chocolate. I am a chocolate expert, after all. Maybe coffee with a lot of cream. Whatever you call it, I'm sure it looks perfect. I will not commit without seeing a wider angle view!

Hey, Leigh, when do we get your password?

The Mad Tern said...

I have been told that our house is the color of chocolate milk and our house trim the color of dark chocolate.

I like it! However, to get the best possible match, you might consider the color of birch bark. :-)

Leigh Leigh said...

Are you talking about for our wedding web page? Next week! Once we have everything on the page complete we will make it so that you don't need a password. We wanted it to be up and running first.