Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boilermaker Part 2

This is the place that the 9,773 participants hope they get to cross. This year was the 31st annual.
We worked hard to get positions along the course near the finish line. With all the participants you can only imagine how many spectators there were. Don't get me wrong, we didn't work as hard as the participants thou.
The youngest members of the team.It was so EXCITING to finally see our girl.

You can see on the lower left some of our cheering section. I wanted to get good clear shots so I held my camera as still as possible and didn't yell a thing. I really wanted to wave my "Go Ellie" sign also but couldn't. E.G. Racing finished second with a time of 1.14.40. The racer from yesterdays post, she was the one in the picture, placed first.
A congratulatory call from sister Kate.

Team members start to arrive back from the finish line to congratulate E.G.

The entire team. E.G. Racing has registered for a second race to take place on Cape Cod in August. From what I hear there are already team members planning on going. The coach also gave me a shirt to mail to LA, Amie was so disappointed she couldn't be at the race. We had cheers, tears (not from the racer), excitement and I'm so proud of Ellie's accomplishment!!


Mau said...

Way to go Ellie! Congratulations!

Mau said...

Hey, Jell-O, what happened to your list of blogs with the most recent entry listed for each? I have become dependent on that. I'll have to drop my blog addiction if you don't put that back up!

Mau said...

Never mind. I just exited the page and opened it again, and it was there.

lilpoppy said...

Congrats Ellie!!! Great Job :)

LA Girl said...

Thats my girl! Love you El, Great Job and wish I could have been there.