Friday, May 30, 2008


Saturday we attended a "kick off to summer" party at Kristen's parent's home. Finally, a somewhat decent picture of the four of us together.

"Friendly" games of Beer Pong started up towards evening. Mick got involved and according to Eric had beginners luck.

Dan, Eric's classmate from High School & College and is now going to school to become at PA, is setting up. Mick will be his partner against Eric & Amie, they won their first match.

Dan complaining Eric's reach is to long & he has an unfair advantage.

Very serious business.

Mick trying very hard but acting like it really doesn't matter.

Dan & Mick ended up winning.
Eric had to walk away in disgrace being beat by his father. From what I'm told Mick had some awesome shots.
Eric does not take losing very well & it's even worse when it's to your own father.
It was a wonderful day with great people & delicious food.


lilpoppy said...

Looks like a very fun weekend!! :)

Kristy Girl said...

what a great weekend!!! I'm so glad everyone had a good time!!