Monday, April 7, 2008

Surprise Renovation

Saturday morning we put dust protectors up over the two openings into the living room. There has been sanding on the walls all weekend. Shortly the wood floor is going to be refinished.
When I got home Saturday evening, from visiting with Mau and Z at Z's honors program college interview, Mick told me he didn't want me to look into the living room until the renovation was complete.

There is a small tear in one of the door coverings, I had to promise not to peak, I stood on my tippey toes to look. (Just for the sake of the picture.) I just hope I don't have to make any major design decisions.
Mick is a Holmes on Homes wannabe. When the project is complete he is going to take down the coverings and surprise me with the finished room.

If you haven't seen the TV show Homes on Homes, you need to.


lilpoppy said...

And you are going to be able to wait this long????? Very exciting, can't wait to see it.

lud said...

Great show. I record it every night.

ke said...

Boy Mick does not quit!

The Mad Tern said...

If I'm Mick, I'm patching that hole. Mick is wise to do it that way; it avoids the possibility of receiving input that will cause him more work.