Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Yet?

It was a high of 62 today and we still have snow on our deck. While driving home from work, I got the idea of shoveling the snow off just to be done with it, but figured I could spend my time better elsewhere. I raked the flower bed in the back of the yard, picked up all the limbs that had fallen during the winter and for some reason we had about 20 pieces of green singles throughout the yard. Thankfully, since our roofs are black they are not ours.

Wish the flowers on our kitchen table were real.

We won’t find any live flowers around here yet.

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ke said...

Spring!! Isn't it funny how you actually look forward to doing yard work in the Spring. I remember when Mom used to spread the snow piles on the lawn so they would melt faster. I am guilty of the same thing, though around here the piles aren't quite so large. I'm sure the neighbors are thinking, "There she is shoveling the snow on her lawn; does that mean I have to do the same?"