Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good things come to those who wait.

For the past three springs I have searched the sides of our country roads looking for pussy willows. This year I asked several friends and even called our local garden club president, she told me I could purchase at a flower shop. I followed up on my one lead and it paid off.
I called someone who works with Mick that drives by the lead from his home to the office & he confirmed the site. Yesterday I was going to go to Mick’s office & he was to drive me to the site, I told him he didn’t even have to leave the car. I just didn’t want to be on a country roadside by myself holding pruning shears. I called Mick to confirm a time, he told me he would handle the job, and he did. I came home to find the biggest pile of branches and limbs of pussy willows. I cut

them down and filled one of my crocks

The pussy willows are the biggest, whitest and fullest I have ever seen.

This arrangement is just so me, it belongs in my home.


ke said...

I love pussy willows; they were all over the place when we were kids! We always collected a bunch of them for Mom!

Maggie O. said...

I completely agree, they are absolutely you & most definitely belong in your home. Good to see you're enjoying 'spring' in NY.

lilpoppy said...

Remember in Collamer we had a pussy willow tree right in our own backyard!

Kristy Girl said...

when eric told me you were looking for pussy willow's i had to laugh. my mom has always told this story that when she was young she went to smell the pussy willow and it went up her nose. it eventually came back out the next day, but its just such a funny story...make sure you don't let anyone smell them!!