Thursday, April 17, 2008

Craft Night with the Non-Crafting

Recently when Mick was out of town, friends had me over for a Sunday afternoon and dinner, it was a nice treat to my week alone.
I was able to return the favor when my friend had her husband and son away on a golf trip.

I’m not sure if she thinks this exchange was such a treat for her since I had her crafting. Now, for us who craft we can’t comprehend the craft phobia.
Right Donna & Brittany???

Well, she did great and there was no complaining. Actually, there was no pattern and she was the one who figured out all the measurements.

I can’t show the completed project since they are gifts.

I also just realized I feed her a low fat dinner. It tasted fine to me since after a month I am used to this diet. She may never accept a invitation to my house again.

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lilpoppy said...

That is right! Oh, that poor women