Friday, February 1, 2008

Buck Rub Part Two

Our trek to look at the buck rub began at the bottom of the hill behind our lodge. To get an idea of the hill that Bone lead Leigh Leigh & I up, look off the side of the barn. The hill is not that steep but it is very wooded. Bone was blazing the trail with myself in the middle and Leigh Leigh following. The snow was deep, Bone walked fast and his stride was very long. We followed, without complaint, with the prospect of seeing what a buck rub was and what it looked like. We hiked up the hill for about 300 feet before Bone realized he went to far to the left. We started to cut across the hill when all of a sudden a wind and snow storm started. It lasted for much longer than we expected, below is Leigh Leigh during the storm.
We stood and waited for the storm to stop, my poor Southern girl. Finally, we reached the rub. One of the largest rubs Eric had ever seen??? Leigh Leigh and I could NOT believe the rub.This little twig of a tree with some bark torn off was a rub. I would have hiked by this and never even notice this being anything. Well, now we know and this taught us to be more observant while hiking. Sorry Bone, we were not that impressed.

After our adventure I did become more observant while hiking. Other signs of deer were; first our buck rub,
second a deer run, seen on our Christmas Day hike,

and finally, in the woods by the Reynolds cabin.

Unfortunately, NO deer sightings.

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