Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let's Go Orange

The SU basketball team plays it's first NCAA tournament game today at 3:15. Thankfully, I get out of work at 3:00 so I won't miss much of the game. The "BAD" spot on the organe represents Fab Melo. Darn him and darn his tutor's/school handler's. Gosh even Geneseo had "jock jail" to keep student athletes up with school work, assuming that the real reason for his suspension is related to academics.  
We I have an on-going tradition at my office that I wear orange when a SU basketball or SU football team plays.  
 I think it brings the team good luck. : )
Their second game is on Saturday and I can wear my SU sweatshirt. Although, it brought terrible luck for the Big East tournament. Maybe me wearing orange has nothing to do with how the teams play?  

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Donna said...

I wear orange for all the games also!!! Let's see how they do on Saturday, wish the game was on in the evening!!!! I hate wasting nice days inside watching TV.