Thursday, January 19, 2012


If you look really close you can barely see the wing of a plane and the pink deicing foam being sprayed.
This is a photo of my window being sprayed with deicing foam.
It took 50 minutes to deice the entire plane, the first time. Something I've never had to experience before. I always avoid flying in the winter, except the one time I flew out of JFK on Christmas Day. Figured I'd be safe from ice at JFK.
We headed to the runway and after an examination by the co-pilot we went back for a second deicing of green deicing foam on the wings. That took around 30 minutes.
We left two hours late & I could not believe the complaints by a lot of the passengers. They were mad since many were going to miss connections. I just sat there praying I would get there safe no matter how long it took and happy for once I had a direct flight.  
All photos taken with my cell phone.

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Mau said...

Kelsey flies into JFK, Saturday. Supposed to be lots of wind and a "wintry mix." She leaves Nairobi in sunshine and 84 degrees to arrive in Amsterdam to high winds. The plane will probably have a better time with the snow, freezing rain, and ice than we will driving through NYC. I hope so!