Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

Our 22 pound turkey looked and tasted wonderful. I need to roast turkey more often.
I used the same tablecloth, napkins, plates and place cards, etc. as last year. Although, I did have to make six extra place cards.
I bought a Groupon from a company to print photo books. Going to make a six inch by eight inch book of our Thanksgiving. Will include recipes on a few of the photographs. Amie got me started with Photoshop instructions. I keep a cheat sheet & hopefully I can figure it out.
We had pumpkin pie, apple crisp and raspberry pie squares for dessert. I eat pumpkin pie once a year. Like turkey, I should make pumpkin pie more often.
We had a wonderful meal and day, except for the part about the Dallas Cowboy's winning.

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Mau said...

It hurts that you would be disappointed that the Cowboys won. Do you realize that is what makes Thanksgiving at my house tolerable? Also, feel free to roast turkey for me anytime!