Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Our local thrift store had several boxes of old glass ornaments. Since I have lots several already being
stored in the basement, decided to only buy this one box, mainly because of the red ornament with the gold crown.  
 This shoe gadget, used by cobblers, was bought at the local antique shop.
 My "O'de to Michelle Obama."
 I wore the pin to work today and received a complement. All the pins Michelle wears costs in the hundreds of dollars. Mine was $3.00.
 I thought I remembered a project using a whisk broom that I saw on Pinterest. I was wrong, the project was using a whisk scrub brush. If anyone has ideas on what I can do with this. No, sweeping involved thou.
 A white feather wreath, it's beautiful and all the rage now. We bought it for 50 cents. I'm letting Amie have the wreath.
Please believe me, this is the first I've purchsed anything while antiquing & thrifting in several months. I've been concentrating on cleaning out. We showed up at the thrift store with a donation bag. Thankfully, more left the house than what was brought back in.  

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