Thursday, September 29, 2011

Turtle Nest

I'm so happy with myself that I didn't make the photo guess from Monday easy. It's a turtle nest found  along side of a railroad track. The eggs were soft shelled and so very neat to see. We looked for turtles but none where in site. There was a small stream running along the track. The nest was about nine inches deep and there were several eggs outside of the nest in addition to the two found inside.
Some facts found on the Internet:  Turtles lay their eggs on land. The females of most species lay eggs several times a year. The number of eggs deposited at a laying varies from one to more than 200, depending on the species and the individual. Eggs are round or oval and either soft- or hard-shelled. After laying the eggs, the female covers them with earth and leaves them.

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Mau said...

Looks like Ke and I got it. She said animal home, and I said egg shell.