Thursday, August 4, 2011


Our hospital held a benefit golf tournament last weekend. It was the 15 annual and I don't think Mick has missed a year.

Mick's partner was George. George via Scotland, Toronto, currently Boston and soon to be Calgary. I'm going to visit him once he gets settled in. I'm also taking a side trip to Vancouver. I've always wanted to visit that part of Canada.
The entire team.
I kind of liked the looks of the carts all lined up at the end of the tournament.
Bonnie, has organized all 15 years of the tournament. On the right is Renee, the daughter of one of my faithful blog readers. Good Morning Kay!! In the middle is one of the doctors from the hospital. He didn't golf but came to the course to show his support.
Nat and Mike spent some father & son bonding time on the course.
It was a beautiful blue sky, sunny and hot day. It was also the last day Mick will golf. He has decided to give up the sport. I told him just golf once a year at the hosptial tournament.

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Kay said...

Yes, I am a very faithful GEL-Oh blog reader! You are my daily 'bright spot'!!!!!