Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Amie has a dog, his name is Poppins Pawprints. He was rescued by a woman who watched him for several weeks run the streets of downtown Los Angeles. The woman already had three dogs and couldn't take another so she listed him on Craigslist. Poppins was the first dog Amie saw listed and knew right away he was the one.  
Poppins is well behaved and never barks. I guess when you spend several weeks as a puppy running the streets of downtown Los Angeles you behave for fear you may be sent back.
 Amie has a basket with clothes for Poppins. I watched her dress him & he actually seemed to like it. Amie bought his outfit thinking Eric would really like it.
I took about 100 photos of Poppins this one is my favorite.
Poppins enjoys going to the dog park and loves being able to run free.
You can friend Poppins Pawprints on facebook. Yes, he has his own facebook page. I'm sure he Amie would love to hear from you.

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Amber said...

Our dog, Crosby, has his own facebook too. :)