Thursday, July 28, 2011

Palm Springs

Our hotel room was very nice and pool side. I loved being able to open our sliding glass door and be right by the pool. Out of safety concerns I've never done this before.
This was the view out of our room. You can just see the hotel roof in the photo.
The sun beat down all day long.
There were very few guests and as the day went on we figured out why.
I stayed under our patio, in the shade.
Even birds try to stay in the shade.
Amie and Mick did spend a bit of time under the sun.
Mick got the idea to lay in the grass since it was cooler and wet from overnight watering.
It was 114 degrees our first day and 118 degrees our second. Basically it was so hot you couldn't even sit outside in the shade. Amie and I went out at 10pm for a walk, thinking it had cooled down, it was 92. Still to hot for us to go very far. Palm Springs in the summer is not a good thing. 

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