Monday, June 13, 2011

Hens and Chicks

AHHH, Hens and Chicks. They remind my of my childhood. Our house in Collamer always had Hens and Chicks on the porch.
I bought the container at Jo-Ann Fabrics several years ago. I move the container to the basement for the winter and bring it out in the spring. The Hens & Chicks come back year after year.
As much as I like the Hens and Chicks my favorite item on our deck is my Davis Swing Churn. The Churn, my sister-in-law rescued from a home in the Adirondacks. Can you believe someone was going to throw out this rotten churn?
You know the saying, "One person's trash in another person's treasure."

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Amie said...

I had a hen and I killed least I think it was a hen. They always make me think of grandma too!