Monday, May 23, 2011

Morning Hunt

I was up at 3am yesterday morning to go out on a turkey hunt in the Town of Florida. Eric and Andy from Downwind Outdoors and two guest shooters Paul and Kristen were in our group.
 The two below photos were taken at 5:30am.
 It was a beautiful morning. Well, after I could see it was a beautiful morning. Hiking through fields in the pitch dark was quite a different experience.
As soon as we got settled in along a group of trees a scared and I would bet quite surprised skunk came along. The skunk actually came within three feet Kristen & I. I had no idea what was even going on till I looked down and saw a white stripe. We were all very thankful no one got sprayed. The Downwind Outdoors hunting crew heard the turkeys fly off from their overnight roost in the trees behind us, when Eric yelled to scare the skunk away. The decision was then made to move to another area and you know since I was the new "hunter" I took the blame for the skunk incident. A skunk scare-off was a first for the three hunters in our group.

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