Friday, May 27, 2011


Saturday evening Andy & Amber had all of us over to their house for a barbecue. The food was delicious and it was nice to meet Mike & Brian's girlfriends . Yes, the boys have a life outside of hunting!!!
Amie made me promise I would never wear Crocs. She made me promise again & again I would never wear Crocs. I saw the camo Crocs and HAD to buy a pair for Eric. Kristen thought Amie should have had me promise I would never wear or purchase Crocs.
Kristen is smiling even thou Eric loves his Crocs.

With the technology of today the boys are already looking at the photos I had just taken that afternoon. Did I mention how much I loved Eric's wide angle lens??
Brian delivered to me the hunting clothes that I would wear for the Sunday morning hunt. Yes Mick, I did get up at 3AM. Very, Very hard to believe.  
Little did Brian know he should have brought me skunk repellent instead of bug spray.


Juanita said...

how thoughtful to keep the skunks at bay :)

Anonymous said...

Amie, Your mom bought me Crocs, too, for when I had my hip replaced. I think she was trying to get me a longer stay in the hospital. Those things are dangerous for cripples!