Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

We had a great Easter dinner. The crocheted tablecloth is actually a bedspread that belonged to my Grandmother Lothridge. Thankfully we had the carrots since most all the food was beige. I warmed the spiral ham in the crock-pot, cooked in pineapple juice, brown sugar & maple syrup. It was the best spiral ham I ever tasted. I will defiantly cook my next spiral ham in the crock-pot.
Everyone commented on the deviled eggs in the carton. Something to remember next time you make deviled eggs!
 Donna with her FAVORITE brother-in-law.
 Our one, not so aesthetically pleasing item of the day, stick figure bunnies. They looked cuter in the bakery case. Mick couldn't wait to cut into & serve the cake just to get rid of them. Certainly not like the bunnies Grandma Russell bought at Liberty Bakery.  : (  Next year I'm going to Liberty Bakery & buy me a real bunny cake.
Now if we could just have some warm spring weather!

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Kristy Girl said...

the table came out looking great!!