Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Estate Auction

I traveled 70 miles round trip, on two Saturdays, from 10am - 3pm both days to attend an estate auction. The first Saturday I came home with nothing except a headache. It was the never ending talking of the auctioneer. Auctions are also very stressful - do I want to bid, how much should I bid, how high am I willing to bid, when should I start my bidding. Stress.
The second Saturday I was able to "win" an oak chair. Which looks a lot better after my Howard treatment.
The cained seat is in perfect condition.  
I was told by a couple people at the auction that oak furniture is no longer popular. We stopped at the antique store after the auction & the owner confirmed. I looked around the living when I got home, which is  filled with oak furniture, the heck with them. I love my oak furniture. Maybe this means I'll be getting better bargain's.

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