Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tip Thursday

Bought this rush seated bench at my favorite thrift store in LA, paid $15. Had no idea how it was going to make the 2,800 mile trip to come home with me. It was old since the seat had a lot of ground in dirt.
 Don't you like how it looks just tucked under the sofa table?
Amie used the bench in her apartment for a year until one day a box arrived at my office with the bench. The bench & two pairs of pants that I accidentally left from another visit. Guess I have to add $20 for shipping to my $15. It's still worth more than my new $35 price, I think.
Wondering where the "Tip Thursday" is coming in? Howard Products. I used Restor-A-Finish in Golden Oak and then Feed-N-Wax on the bench. I bought the Restor-A-Finish in October and used on every piece of oak in the house. OMG, I can't say enough about Howard. I wasn't happy with the bench with just Restor-A-Finish so last weekend I bought Feed-N-Wax at our local hardware store. What a difference!!! The wax cost $9. Add that to my $35. What's my total cost now? I don't care. Why did it take so long to find Howard.

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