Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cork on a door.

I purchased a roll of thin cork at a craft store. Using a 40% off coupon it cost me $10.00.
I looked and looked on the Internet to figure out how to adhere the cork to the back of my cupboard door. Titebond II was the choice by most. Well, Titebond II did not work for me. Thankfully, I was able to wash the glue right off the door. I think it was because of the glossy finish the glue wouldn't work.
I came up with the idea to use double sided heavy duty carpet tape. IT WORKED !! See that Titebond II.  : )
The best part, the cutest tacks that I found. They match the kitchen colors perfectly.
There is enough cork to do the back of another door although, I think one cork message board is enough.

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Kay said...

Love this idea!