Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Photo Hike

Sunday I went on a hike on an old railroad bed where the ties & rails had been removed.
It feels so good to get outside during the winter.
The trail followed along the frozen river.
The snow lightly fell during the three mile hike but when we got back to the car the snow  started coming down hard.
In another attempt to learn my camera I figured out how to use the timer.
 Bonnie enjoyed the hike so much that she made plans for a hike in a new location next Sunday. 

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Don Peake said...

Hello Gale, I took some pictures of that dam when I was down there. I loved driving around and getting shots of all the dams...Good for a wide angle lens I just bought myself another lens that being a Sigma 8 to 16mm...Just got it is wide will work well for my city building pics...