Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oak Tree

Our oak tree on December 5th.
 It may be the only tree in the village with leaves. I hate that the leaves stay on all winter. I also wonder why.


Mau said...

Oak trees don't lose there leaves until December. I hate them. There are many at the west end of our street. After all the cleanup is done, those things come down and get caught on the windward side of the small rise in our front yard and the retaining wall by the front door. Then they work their way to the front door, and they get sucked in every time the door opens. I clean up oak leaves IN THE HOUSE all winter long. They are the number one reason why every front door should be at least a foot above ground level! If you plant an oak tree, plant it on the downwind side of your house!

Mau said...

*THEIR leaves

Kristy Girl said...

I saw some flurries last night in Boston, but it didn't stick. I'm sure Eric and I will see lots of snow in Lake Placid next weekend!