Friday, October 1, 2010

Google Maps & Predator Hunting

I don't hunt, never have & never will. I did fire a gun once, at a firing range. I was a teenager, probably weighted 90 pounds & I fell to the ground when I fired my one & only shot. It was not fun. My son of DownWind Outdoors is big into hunting. I have my boss to thank for getting him started since his father doesn't hunt either. There is a great article on their website.  It's under "Favorite Gear." Here's the link to Google Maps & Predator Hunting. Even as a non-hunter I found the article very interesting. Coyote season started today. I know where my son will be all weekend. I on the other hand will be sorting thru clothes for donation. We have a basement full that needs to go. Also, a pile in the garage ready to go. Maybe I should take up hunting. At least I'd be outside in the woods.

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