Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wicker Cleaning

Once a year I take all my wicker baskets outside, hose them off and let them dry in the shade. I read that drying in shade is better since the wicker has time to absorb some of the water.
I like how all the wicker baskets look in the house but they are big dust collectors.
Every now & then I'll dust off but nothing beats a good cleaning. This is what Martha Stewart suggests

Wicker: For both traditional and "outdoor" wicker (woven from resin or coated paper), the chief challenge is dealing with the textured surface. To remove dust, vacuum or use a soft-bristled brush. When that isn't enough, scrub with soap and water. If traditional wicker cracks, the fibers are too dry. Apply boiled linseed oil, and wipe dry (the used rags are flammable; soak them in water and wrap tightly in plastic before disposing). To repair traditional wicker, apply a damp towel to any loose strands until they become flexible enough to reweave (about an hour). If necessary, tack with an exterior brad.Read more at Outdoor Furniture Cleaning and Repair and more decorating ideas, organizing tips, and homekeeping and cleaning solutions on

I would love to polish all the baskets with linseed oil. If only I had that staff that Martha has.

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