Friday, July 9, 2010

Hats, hats for sale.

We called this one the "bee hive."
We think, this should be worn pinned to the back of the head.
The queen of England wears hats that look like the below.
Hot, hot pink.
Maybe a Jackie Kennedy hat?
Beautiful millinery flowers on this one.
I loved this one. To small for Amie's head thou.
We think this is why there were so many hats at the thrift store.
We did buy one. I wouldn't pay full price thou. The salesclerk called the owner & I got just what I wanted, $3.00 off the price. Well not what I wanted. It's Amie's hat. Last time I wore a hat was at the Kentucky Derby about 20 years ago. Can you guess which hat we bought?

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lilpoppy said...

hmmmm....the Jackie hat???