Friday, May 7, 2010

Obama Cookies

I didn't see President Obama but I stood in the same spot he stood. During his trip to Canada he visited a bakery in the ByWard Market & apparently after his visit they named their cookies after him. Are they giving him royalties?
They have a great marketing strategy because we had to buy one just because of the name. I'm sure that strategy would not have worked with Mick. He would not have been persuaded. In fact it would have had the opposite affect on him. The cookies are good. Although, they are not the best sugar cookie I've ever tasted and I did not care for the frosting, it's a very hard glaze.

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Mau said...

Very hard glaze is what makes them pretty. Cookies that pretty rarely taste good, because they have to be tough and stackable. The name would have given me a stomach ache.