Friday, May 28, 2010

Brittany lives in a Polish section of Brooklyn.
Wonder if Mom would still be able to read all the signs?
We went into a Polish candy store. The clerk, a young girl, spoke Polish to the other customers.
A Polish grocery store.

A park with a statue of a famous Polish person. Brittany needs to find out the details. We tried to get into the church, no luck.
I brought Mom back several items from the Polish grocery and candy stores. I also picked up a menu, all in Polish, from a bakery. Can't wait to see her reaction and find out if she can still read Polish.


mau said...

Britt needs to free that guy from the rock! I can read that one sign for you. It says Verizon!
How far does Brittany have to travel to work?

lilpoppy said...

I am curious to know if mom can still read polish. When you coming home for a visit?