Monday, March 29, 2010

Tea Tasting

We have a new health food store in town which carries a lot of herbal teas. They held a tea class for me along with three tea friends. It was very informative.

One of there tips was to add dried fruit to brewed tea. Notice in the back, recyclable linen tea bags. I bought a package so now I mix my herbal teas ahead of time. This is what I bought. I love the catnip tea. I drink it before bed, it has the opposite effect on humans than on cats. I mix elderberry in for sweetness. During our class I tried marshmallow root in my cup. I did not like it. A very woody taste.The standard measure is a teaspoon for each cup. A cup is 6 ounces when making tea. As a thank you I gave them a few bags of my favorite tea, Tetley from Canada. I made a tag with a tea cup painted with tea. The pattern for the tea cup came from here.I've been back since the class & have purchased more tea. I'm hooked now. So GOOD !


lilpoppy said...

I guess you would have to go to a tea tasting to decide what you like. Maybe I should try the catnip, if it helps one sleep. Looks like a lot of work thou.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

That gift tag is darling, and so clever to paint it with tea.

I saw your beautiful daughter this weekend, and I couldn't love her more!

Mau said...

Hey, we grow catnip. Can I sell you some? Only a cat lover could actually consume catnip. I don't go near the stuff! Got some catnip treats, here. you could snack on them at teatime!