Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beef Bourguignon

Ever since reading & seeing Julie & Julia I've been wanting to make Beef Bourguignon. So much so that I asked for & received a Dutch Oven for Christmas. Since Christmas I've made a bean soup, was probably the best soup I've ever made, & a chicken & mushroom dish.
For the Beef Bourgugnon I didn't use Julia Child's recipe. I used one off the Internet. I've never had Beef Bourguignon before so I have nothing to compare mine to but, it tasted so good. It was also the first time I've cooked with or had shallots. I liked the shallots and will diffidently cook with them again. The recipe called for serving over mashed potatoes or egg noddles. I served oven mashed potatoes, which was a bit much. Next time I'd serve over noodles. Get to your kitchen & make Beef Bourguignon you won't be disappointed.


Mau said...

or go to GEL-Oh's and let her make it for you! That's my plan.

lilpoppy said...

Let me know when Mau, I will meet you there!