Friday, February 12, 2010

Regifting vs Thrift-Gifting

Everyone knows about regifting but, what about thrift-gifting?

I found the sleeping cat for 25 cents, it's in purrfect condition, the tag is still on the bottom. I added my own candle. I'm giving it as a Valentine's gift. My certain someone has a green living/dining room and although she denies it, she loves cats. Cats & me, well that's another story. In fact, the end of January I had a nightmare where I was attacked by a cat, a house cat. I woke up pretty quick. What are your feelings about thrift-gifting?

1 comment:

Mau said...

Well, thrift-gifting is fine. Cat-giving to someone who does not like cats, however.... I think you should stick to CHOCOLATE!

PS. My living room is green, and I hate cats. Though you deny wanting a dog, I know you really want one. Amie and I are going to buy you one of those annoying, yappy purse dogs.