Monday, January 11, 2010

Operation Write Home

Crafting & wine is a good combination.
Crafting with friends is an even better combination.

Crafting for a purpose is a GREAT combination.
200 cards ready to decorate for Valentine's Day.
According to the Operation Write Home blog, our cards have been packed up and sent out to our servicemen & servicewomen.
Thanks for all your help Nicole, Janice & Terri. Especially Nicole, she did the bulk of the work during her stay in NNY over Christmas. We are going to make another batch, Birthday cards. According to the request to my email, when I notified Operation Write Home that I had sent our cards to them, Birthday cards are what they are currently in need of.


mau said...

I want to make cards. i guess i would have to get through the cleaning and the rest of the stuff I don't want to do first!

lilpoppy said...

Very nice, I remember how long it took to pick the paper out. Can't imagine how long it will take to pick out the paper for Birthday cards,seems a little more involved,but then again I am NOT a crafter.