Friday, November 6, 2009

Deer Photography

When I went to MI Eric asked me to go out early one morning, sit in the woods & take photographs of deer. Apparently hunting is huge in MI. The last thing I like to do is get out of bed early and I do not own any blaze orange. Although, I do own an orange wool sweater I wear for SU games.
I did come across the above deer at the side of a road. I guess this town has a large deer population?? Inside the house we rented was a deer theme floor lamp. I really do like the lamp.

So, even thou I did not get out of bed early to get deer photos in MI, I did find some. Tonight Eric will be coming home for a one night stay on his way to Canada for a week long hunting trip. Eric, I will get out of bed early tomorrow to help you get off.

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lilpoppy said...

Eric should go to MI to get his own pics and to see his Dad, bet Mick would love that!! I would not get early for that either, don't blame you a bit.