Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mix & Match

This weekend was the third year in a row I attended Head of The Charles, it was the 45th annual. Our first year it was 70 degrees, the second year it was very windy, we put on layers & layers and still froze. This year we had RAIN. We spent just over two & a half hours in the rain, it was not pleasant. Although, I would do it again. Head of The Charles is the premier rowing event & a must see. Kelsey is thinking of rowing in college so we just might go again next year.
I didn't bring my camera out into the rain. But, I did take photos out of the hotel window in MI during a storm that came thru.Since I have not spent much time on the water I found watching the bay during the storm very interesting.I mentioned to a few of Mick's co-workers that evening and they didn't have the enthusiasm I had.

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lilpoppy said...

Love the last picture!