Friday, October 30, 2009

Door Wreath

We have a blue front door & most likely will have one until spring. When I hung the fall wreath I actually liked how it looked with the blue. I hope it's not just wishful thinking. I purchased blue ribbon and will attempt to make a winter wreath to go with the blue door. There were not many choices of blue ribbon but I did find one i liked.
Enough talk of winter.


Mau said...

Got looking at your pretty wreath, and started to wonder why are round wreaths the most popular door decoration. I looked up the origin of the wreath. Nothing surprising here:

The history of Christmas wreath dates back to the ancient cultures of the Persian Empire. During that era, Christmas wreaths were considered to be the symbol of importance and success. These wreaths were much smaller in size than what is seen today. The small sized Christmas wreaths were known as "diadems" which people used as headbands.

Wreaths were usually handmade and symbolized pride and victory. Flowers, branches, laurels, threads and evergreen twigs were used to make beautiful handmade wreaths. They were often used in auspicious occasions such as weddings. It was around 776 BC when Greeks started using laurel wreaths as crowns awarded to athletes who came first in Olympics. In ancient Rome, wreaths were worn by military heroes and kings. Girls used wreaths as ornaments which were sometimes paired with jewels.

Wreaths have been closely linked to Christianity. The Holy Bible links Christmas wreaths with joy, honor and victory. In Christianity, Christmas wreath stands for a circle that has no beginning and end. Hence, it is treated as a symbol of God's eternity. Christmas wreaths made of evergreen leaves and branches symbolize God's love and mercy upon us. Green color symbolizes hope and new life. Advent wreaths made with four or five candles are often used by Christians for devotional purposes during the celebrations of Christmas.

I need a new hobby that does not involve the internet.

lilpoppy said...

Yea, lets not talk about winter!!