Friday, October 23, 2009

Counted Cross Stitch

During my trip to MI Mick & I went into a yarn shop that also carried cross stitch products. I've never seen so many patterns in my life!! I went back a second time without Mick & looked all the patterns. I bought 2 additional patterns that day.
This is what the finished sampler will look like once I finish what I bought during that first shop visit. I plan to hang it in the family room. During my stay I completed all the letters, the bird and about half the pear. Mick thought the bird was strange looking. I love her!
Amie's friend Carrie from LeMoyne is coming to G2, her third visit, this weekend to stay with me. We plan to craft all weekend. I hope to get a lot more stitching done. Good thing about cross stitching is that you can watch TV and stitch & bring it with you when travel, unlike scrapbooking. This will be a good winter project!


lilpoppy said...
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lilpoppy said...

I think the bird is cute! Looks like the weather is going to be yucky so it will be a good craft weekend for the two of you! Have fun!

Mau said...

I want to craft! BTW, the bird is a "he."

ke said...

It would be a nice winter project, but by the sound of it, you will be done before winter! What do the other patterns look like? I could sit in that place in MI and look at patterns for hours. Now that could become a winter project!

Anonymous said...

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