Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thousand Islands Winery

This is Mick's list, we could choose six wines at TI. Otter Creek let us taste everyone they offered. Both cost zero dollars! Mick really doesn't care that much for wine. He choose the first six, easier that way.
At TI we actually got a tour of the wine making facilities, a first for us. Below are labels for the bottles.
The bottling machine.
Very appropriate weather vane.
Had to get a photo of this wine barrel.
Insulated wine vats.
This is for display only.
I saw this poster hanging in an office.
One of the vineyards.

Looks like the grapes are ready but our tour guide said October.
We had a great time at the two wineries we visited!


Mau said...

Bonus Day -- so many pictures!

Kristy Girl said...

wasnt the winery great!!! did they let you taste test the wine smoothie?!?!?