Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pottery Barn

I get a lot of ideas looking thru the Pottery Barn catalogs. A few of my favorites from the recent catalog. I have in my scrapbooking supplies stamps just like the below. I could make a smaller version.
I already have my key frame hanging in the dining room. I think one key item in the house is sufficient.
But, I do love these & the are very reasonably priced.

The next two, I'm going to make a version of.

I bought this old draw at the antique shop & I'm going to put something in it & hang someplace. If it comes out good in the living room, if not in a room upstairs.

I want to take a picture of my old typewriter that Mike & Terri gave me & print onto a canvas.
Many ideas, so little time!

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lilpoppy said...

Hey, I forgot about my heart...need to pick my colors!!