Monday, August 17, 2009


Saturday evening I went to a Ferragosto, an "Italian Dinner Party."

Kristen's parents hosted the dinner. I brought for them a cheese & wine pairing book from Pottery Barn.
My gift wrapping is very taste specific, my taste of course. I love how it looked. You can figure out what I cut up to make my tag/card???


Boonelli's Blog said...

looks like a manlia folder?
very nice!

lilpoppy said...

Very nice...once again, wish I was crafty!!

Mau said...

I want pie! I did get some eggplant parm from the Ferragosto. It is delicious! Thank you, Marie!

I guess I haven't read the blog since last Tuesday. I can't believe it! That's what happens when you have a report due Wednesday and you visit colleges Tursday and Friday.

Kristy Girl said...

i know i know!