Thursday, August 6, 2009


I've been watching this at my local antique shop for over two years.
The cost was $34.00. A month ago I asked the owner to negotiate a price & he offered $25.00. I told him I was thinking around $10.00. Since it wasn't his item, he couldn't agree. I asked him to speak with the owner, he didn't think the owner would agree. When I went to the shop a month later I asked if he spoke to the owner, he hadn't. But he said he was in a selling mood & agreed to $10.00. I was thrilled.
Can you guess what it is? Also, can you guess what I'm making out of it?


lilpoppy said...

A hummingbird feeder?

Tina said...

I'll gues a bird feeder.
you'd think that he'd be happy to sell it for 10 bucks given it's been sitting around for 2 years!