Monday, June 15, 2009

middle of the night call

The phone rang yesterday morning at 1:14 am est. I answered within a split second of the first ring, I think, it was my daughter. "Hello Mom, guess what?" Thankfully, her voice was bright & cheerful. I knew, almost within a split second, that nothing was wrong, thankfully. Have I already said "thankfully?"
"Ellie is engaged."

Congratulations to Paul & Ellie. May they have a long & happy life together.

Ellie is not a very willing photo subject. I love this photo, it's edited to look weddingish. I know Britt & Amie will comment on how Ellie doesn't have her eyes closed. Ellie, with a wedding coming up you better get used to having your picture taken!


lilpoppy said...

OMG!! Congrats Ellie!!!! :)

Kristy Girl said...

congrats ellie!!!!