Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Button Heart Giveaway

Boy, everyone who left comments on the button heart giveaway knows me all to well. I was thinking the guesses would be pink & purple. When I was choosing what my favorite color would be, I had a hard time deciding between ivory & brown, ivory it is with brown a very close second.
I wish you could see the buttons in person. The glass button is beautiful!
There were seven guesses. Unfortunately, three came after the Sunday deadline. The four guesses that made the deadline all had ivory or brown. I’ve decided to make a heart for each of you. Eric, Donna & Cristina pick a color scheme for your heart. Amie you already have one, sorry no seconds. Remember the heart pictured on June 25 is available.
Hard to believe that tomorrow starts the second half of 2009. Time goes all to quickly.


lilpoppy said...

I am a winner!!! Will have to think about the color I want.

Amie said...

Can't you make me something else then? or maybe buy me a present?!

Anonymous said...

Amie no presents for you!

Button Heart Frame for meeeee!

you just made my day Gale!!

Mau said...

Donna, you are using the term "winner" very loosely. :) And Eric, if you do not forfeit your heart to me, I will hurt you. You may be tall, but I weigh more! Actually, the prize I want is the time to make my own heart!

Mau said...

Boy, I am a sore loser!

Anonymous said...

I would like to request a Button Heart made with Ivory and Brown Buttons.

Is that possible? : )