Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tip Thursday

We all know how important our cell phones are to us.  I personally could not live without mine; it is my life and my best friend.  I know this is a little over board, but I am just trying to get across how much important stuff is in there.  Not to mention they are expensive and a hassle to replace when they break.

So as an avid cell phone user, my tip for today is to always put your cell phone in a plastic baggy when dealing with the elements.  The baggy will protect your phone from sand, mud, water and whatever else you may come across.  The best part is, you can still use the phone while it is in the bag!  I text and talk right through it!

Happy texting,

1 comment:

Lisa said...

This cracks me up. Everytime Amie and I were at the beach, i died watching her text through her plastic bag. Love it.

Hope you had a lovely mother's day Gel-oh!