Friday, May 29, 2009

Oldest & Youngest

Grandsons from 26 years to three years. Sean is working on his stick handling skills.
He held his lacrosse stick up & asked me take his picture. I guess he figured, he could see me so I must be able to see him. How cute?
Eric had some issues with his stick.
Sean waited very patiently for the repairs.
He is a very athletic boy! I know for a fact Eric told Sean that stick handling is stick handling & this is good practice for the best kind of stick there is,
a HOCKEY stick.
This is what you get after a can of grape soda and chocolate frosting off the top of a cupcake.


Mau said...

Cute boys.

ke said...

Can't go wrong taking photos of these subjects!

lilpoppy said...

Picture with the stick in front of his face is GREAT!! He is so cute.