Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Does this look like $62.00 worth? Except for the basket with the pink geranium, that is what I spent on the below flowers.
I did purchase several not so ordinary annuals this year but, $62.00 just doesn't seem right. I hope in a month the pots will look like I spent that much.


Mau said...

That's about right!

ke said...

That's one reason I tend to buy perennials and few annuals. That way I get an early start when they come up on their own and a little variety from the few annuals. Also, if you buy something like Sweet William, which is a biennial that has been forced to become an annual in the nursery (so that the customer can have flowers the first year), you can leave it in the ground and it often comes back (another thing I learned from Mom!). I planted 12 of these a couple years ago and I still have 10! I think they have been getting stronger every year.

GEL-Oh said...

Ke, you need to start your blog back up!! Thanks for the tip. Hey, you want to take over "Tip Thursday" on my blog?

Amber said...

Just think of all the great pictures you can take of all these flowers! :) Do you have a macro lens?

My mom planted flowers on Sunday and I got quite a few shots of them and went out yesterday to take more and they were all gone! Went over to the other smaller garden she planted and there were crows in it eating all those flowers too!