Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

Our local grocery store had ground chuck for .99 per pound, I had no idea. I came home with 10 pounds on Friday & made meatballs for the freezer. I added a lot more seasoning than usual & they came out great.
My indulgence on weekend mornings is fresh brewed tea. The entire month of January I wanted to mention that January was National Hot Tea Month & I never fit it in. Currently I am using loose tea that Nicole brought back from London as a Christmas gift & I love it. I just recently learned that 1 teaspoon of tea per cup. The cute pot that holds two cups of tea was a gift from Sandy. I have such generous & thoughtful friends! Saturday David & Tracy were in Potsdam so we joined them to watch the basketball game. I only took one picture this time. Tracy received her first SLR camera for Christmas & is learning how to use it. There is so much to learn & I gave her my number one advice. Practice, practice & more practice. Sunday Mick started framing the door to the cellar. He worked all weekend refinishing the doors.
I had to get involved with my cleaning assignment & it's NOT going well. I'm going to look into buying acid to dip everything in. Does anyone know where I can buy acid?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


ke said...

Gel-oh, your question does not sound too good! Lots going on there!

Mau said...

You'd better make some changes before the police show up at your door! It looks like the piece in the sink is coming clean.

lilpoppy said...

I have been dying for meatballs, maybe I can talk Butch into making some this weekend!!