Friday, February 13, 2009

Felt Bookmarks

I finished only three bookmarks this work week. I was going to make a different pattern on each of the 12 pieces of felt that I cut out, I've given up on that idea. I'm going to settle for six different patterns.
Eric is home. He had yesterday & Monday off as holidays & he took a vacation day for today. Last night we went to Allie's home to see the progress on his Master's basement remodel. The cats were very playful and quite entertaining. Eric is looking at the extra toe on Allie's front paw. I guess I'm not a very good photojournalist. I should have taken a close up picture of the paw for all to see. I know the Park Ln household would have liked to see it.
I have Monday off. There is nothing better than a three day weekend. Well, maybe a four day weekend. Do they even make those?

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Kay said...

Good one, Gail!